The Academy

The Outdoor Guide Academy is a joint venture of experienced outdoor companies.
We offer unique and sustainable nature experiences with Kayak, Canoe and Packraft.

Our vision and our mission is to convey fun, safety and outdoor skills on the water and on land. We see the synergies among the various varieties of water sports. Because being outdoors on water is fun and every enterprise is unique.

The courses and events of the Outdoor Guide Academy are aimed at outdoor beginners and enthusiasts as well as advanced students who want to prepare for the their own adventure. We provide the necessary skills at attractive locations through proven and exceptional course concepts.

Andreas Schultz, Funkajaks

Andreas Schultz


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Dr. Sebastian Schmidt, Land Water Adventures

Sebastian Schmidt

Land Water Adventures

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Peter Jäkel, PJ Erlebnisprofis

Peter Jäkel

PJ Erlebnisprofis

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